New California Homeowners Bill of Rights Promises to Renew Borrowers’ Hopes

There is a noticeable increase in the number of homeless people all over the main cities of the United States and many blame this depressing situation to the country’s foreclosure crisis. Foreclosure spiked among middle-class citizens causing them to turn to the streets as their homes.

Noticeable sprouting encampments could be easily seen near large urban areas like Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Columbus and Reno. And apart from these tent cities, there is also a rise to homeless people needing not just a place to stay but food, clothing and access to medications and personal care. Michael Stoops, acting director of the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCFTH), mentions that there was an outbreak of tent cities all over the US that started four years ago. However, there is still a slow but steady increase in the number of homeless people up to the present.


Reports from the NCFTH also mention that a huge effect on the rise of homeless people is the foreclosure crisis. There are currently 10,000 homes per week that fall to foreclosure with a trend that began in 2007.


But there is community spirit in tent cities despite their terrible situation. For instance there are tent city leaders and community organizations that have implemented rules within the encampments. From specific rules like no drugs, no violence and no alcohol to more personal rules like cleaning up for yourself. There are also tent cities like the ones found in St. Petersburg, Florida that are supported by the local government and non-profit organizations. Supporters offer their help but they also realize that this is not the solution to the increasing number of homeless people in the country.


The National Policy and Advocacy Council on Homelessness (NPACH) through its executive director Jeremy Rosen has warned that unless the country’s weak economy is fortified, there will be a steady rise in the homeless. Homeless is described as families and children that have lost their homes after an eviction, a foreclosure or a family crisis; these people cannot find a suitable shelter to live in.


RealtyTrac recently published a report that foreclosures hit an all-time high all across the United States. They estimate that there will be approximately half a million people that could end up in the streets as adjustable mortgage rates increase in the next two years. Most of these people could end up in tent cities or in other place in the city to live.

An answered prayer to homeowners who fear the event of foreclosure on their property is the new California Homeowners Bill of Rights. This new bill which was recently signed into law in July 2012 guarantees protection for homeowners and borrowers during mortgage and in the event of foreclosure. The new bill prohibits unfair bank practices and fraudulent foreclosures that have forced so many people out in the streets. From restrictions of dual-track foreclosures to making amendments to notices given to borrowers for defaults on their payments, the new bill will surely help millions of California residents to avoid foreclosure and becoming homeless as well.

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