Huntington Law Group, located in Irvine California, specializes in Real Estate Law including wrongful foreclosure, consumer rights and mortgage litigation.  Our main focus & mission is to help individuals and families save their home from foreclosure and assist them in returning to a debt free life and financial freedom.

Our Team Management Approach

Our experience has proven that a “team management approach” is the most efficient and effective way to serve the needs of our clients. Real estate and foreclosure law can be complicated. Most homeowners have multiple issues concerning their property rights. To address this, a team of professionals will be working for you.

Your team will always include full legal representation, and where needed, certified real estate appraisers, document examiners, forensic auditors, handwriting experts, accountants, eviction defense experts, and a multitude of other professionals.

Your Personal Case Manager

One of the most important professionals involved in your legal action will be your case manager.

Case managers carefully monitor your case status and coordinate the activities of everyone involved in your legal action.  Although not bar admitted, they do have extensive experience and education in real estate, management, and legal principles.

Your case manager will serve as your single point of contact. Even better, they will always be available to you seven days a week – day or night.

Never again will you have to loose sleep wondering about the status of your case. And unlike other law offices, your phone calls, your concerns, and your questions will never go unanswered.  Our “team management approach” makes a difference! 

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